The Wayniac Nation Team

I started this blog on my lonesome, not knowing in what direction I would wind up. Originally the blog was The Wayniac: Inside the Mind of an Angry Sports Fan. Then, more and more of my friends started asking me to write guest articles. With so much sports out there and so little time to cover it, The Wayniac became Wayniac Nation.

Head Writer and Leader of the Nation: Wayne Cavadi aka The Wayniac. Bow to me, faithful Wayniacs, to resist is futile. Alright, fine, be stand offish, but you can at least give the blog a follow! ( @UofDWayne )


Mike Dunton aka Dunton: Golf Expert/ ACC Insider/ Fantasy Football Expert/ Contributor:

He debuted with Bracketiquette and then blew it up with his Masters’ piece. He is one of my oldest friends and fittingly, the first person to dare to join the Wayniac Nation with me. He is now a full fledged writer for The Nation. ( @dartbus1521 )

Nomikos Duvlaris aka Nomi the Greek: Braves and Falcons beat/ Fantasy Football/ NFL:

Nomi contributed analysis to both our NFL and Fantasy round tables for the past two years. This past season, he wrote his first full feature during our Countdown to Super Bowl 50 series, recollecting the Falcons/ Broncos Super Bowl. He now contributes regularly on Atlanta sports.

Ryan Law aka The Law Dog: The List Guy:

Ryan sent me a text one evening. The text had 10 reasons he hated the New England Patriots and closed by saying “Put that on your blog.” So I did. And Ryan has been doing Top 10s ever since, becoming one of the more popular features on the site.

Jared Law aka Sports Book Jesus: NFL odds man

Sports Book Jesus, also known as SBJ, didn’t simply give you winning picks every Sunday this past season, he taught his own unique philosophy on how to beat Vegas. The end result of the season? A thick wallet, as he produced a winning record in his Nation debut.

Tim Mason aka Saucy T: NFL Draft Expert/ College Football Guy/ Atlanta Insider: 

The first member of the notorious The Thread to contribute to The Nation, but not the last. You will hear more from Tim, especially when football season gets closer. ( @TheSportsBard)

The WN Fantasy Football Experts: 

These are names you’ve heard many times before in my articles and have now decided to join The Nation and provide you with weekly insights for your fantasy squad in our Start Em and Sit Ems.

J.D. Richey 
Chris Fiumano aka Fee The Commish aka FanDuel Fee
Ben Spitalnick aka Benny Smalls
Nomi The Greek
Saucy T
Ted Reed aka Teddy Ball Game 
Jonathan Cavadi
Mike Cochran
Brian Sperry aka Sperry Mason 
Nikki Cavadi aka The Wifeyiac

Not to be forgotten:

Chris Varrasse aka Varrass — Editor-in-Chief:

Varrass has been one of my closest friends for quite some time. We lived just doors apart our freshman year at U.D. He is also the smartest kid I know. After my very first post, he reached out to me and told me he would help me and become the second set of eyes I needed for work. For the first year of operation, Varrass edited nearly every piece you read on the site. 

Mary Rivers — Social Media Tsar (@marymaryatl)

 Mary was my first friend in Atlanta when I moved here 12 years ago and is still my go to for Syracuse games. Most of the Twitterverse probably recognizes the handle since she is part of #CuseNation. Her knowledge of SEO, SEM, analytics, and Twitter has helped grow The Nation immeasurably. She increased my lowly Twitter account from 27 to 800 seemingly over night, and that number continues to rise due to her science of social media.

Past Contributors:

Odds Man/ Horse racing expert: The Sport Illuminati. I have known Chris for three decades. He writes for other blogs and his own website is ready to relaunch so be on the lookout. ( @SportIlluminati) You want three solid wins everyday for baseball… check him out!

World Cup Insider/ Travel Connoisseur: Amelia. I met Emily behind a bar almost a decade ago and we have remained very close friends. She gave up her corporate life to become a vagabond and explore all that the world has to offer. You can follow her adventure at The Adventures of Amelia. (@WanderlustingEm)

The list is growing. Continue to follow the Nation for more insight, analysis, and straight up ranting!


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