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Craig Sager, Keith Brooking highlight Atlanta Sports Hall of Fame

The five newest inductees of the Atlanta Sports Hall of Fame were honored at the Buckhead Theatre Friday evening. While all of those enshrined last night were deserving, my friends and I were on hand to watch the late Craig Sager get inducted.

Some sights and sounds from the Atlanta Sports Hall of Fame ceremony.

The man behind the suit: RIP Craig Sager

People will remember Craig Sager for a lot of things. Most will remember him as the quirky sideline reporter who wore the eccentric suits. Many will remember the past few years, in which he used his celebrity to become the face of fighting cancer. We all became a little #SagerStrong.

For me, and many people I still communicate with, he was the man behind Jocks and Jills. When I moved to Atlanta, I had no job. I walked up the street to this sports bar, pretty much THE sports bar in Atlanta back then, and began an adventure that lasted five years. To this day, it may very well be the most fun I ever had at a job.

Sure, there were a bunch of local athletes who opened it up with him, but from day one until Jocks Galleria was the last store standing, he always remained a familiar — and friendly — face to those who worked there.

It’s not like he was buddy buddy with every employee in all of the stores, but every time he popped in, I got excited to ask him about whichever game I saw him covering last. And he always had something to say. I mean, after all, he was Craig Sager. He would talk to anyone if they wanted to listen. He was like that with everyone, and scrolling down my Facebook feed today, it is evident.

My interactions with Sager were minuscule in the grand scheme of things, but enough to know that he was a good guy who liked to have his Bud Light and someone to share it with. The people he worked with for nearly 30 years at Turner, all of the athletes and coaches he interacted with, and of course his family, they are the ones really hurting today. All of the staff here at Wayniac Nation send our thoughts and love to the Sager family and friends.

Today the sports world lost a great personality, both on the television and off of it.

Happy Father’s Day from Wayniac Nation

I don’t take days off, but today is special, and technically speaking, this is a post so, I’m not slacking. I want to take a moment and send Happy Father’s Day wishes to every dad out there.

I especially want to send Father’s Day love to my contributors Fee, Ryan, Benny, Dunton, J.D., Leigh and Teddy Ballgame (as well as our most loyal commenter Stephen). Thanks to your features, predictions and fantasy football advice, the Wayniac Nation has nearly tripled in viewership in 2016!

Enjoy your day, and check out some of these classic father/child duos!

Click here for some of sports Father/child duos

NFL Sundays with SBJ: And the winner is…

Before we get into SBJ’s last piece of the season, I need to reiterate something. I know nothing, zero, zip, zilch about picking winners in the NFL versus Vegas. The articles you have read all season entitled The NFL Rundown and NFL Sundays with SBJ have been written by our guest contributor Jared, a.k.a The Sports Book Jesus.

I feel I have to explain this because I got a text last week asking me why I picked a certain way. That is precisely why — when Jared came to me with the idea of adding a Sunday gambling column to Wayniac Nation — I asked him to be the one to do it. Your wallet would be empty and we may very well not have a single win this entire season had I been the one writing these articles. Instead, if you listened to SBJ, you are ending the season with a little extra cash in your pocket.

Got it? Good. That being said, let SBJ take you to the finish line on the NFL season and see if he has one last victory in him.

SBJ’s NFL Sunday

The Law Dogs Top 10 sports video games of ALL TIME

Well, folks, I won’t lie to you. While editing The Law Dog’s most recent top ten, it took me back to a simpler time. A time when you had to master two buttons to play a video game. A time when you actually had to get up and go over to your friend’s house with a bunch of buddies to play the RBI Baseball tournament. A time when up, up, down, down, B, A, select, start was understood by everyone. A time 007 373 5963 (thanks Benny) brought you to Iron Mike.

I hope you have as much fun reading this one as I did.

The Law Dog’s latest top 10!

Peyton and Tiger… It’s so hard to say goodbye

As you are reading this, I am already on the road. I am heading back to Salem, Virginia to cover — as I did last year — the Stagg Bowl. It is the crowning achievement in NCAA DIII football, and really one of the more fun games of the year. It’s on ESPN U Friday night at 7 PM if you don’t believe me. Ever hear of Friday Night Lights? Well, that wasn’t about this, but hey, it’s Friday night, and there will be plenty of lights.

Anyway, our old friend Dunton stepped in and agreed to help keep the morning thoughts rolling, because typing is rather difficult on a six hour road trip. Today he looks at the current state of two all time greats.

Dunton’s thoughts on Tiger and Manning

The Law Dog’s Top 10 Sports Cameos of All Time

The Law Dog has brought a new element to Wayniac Nation that I absolutely love. The comic relief of his Top Ten lists are second to none. After the overwhelming success of the Top 10 Reasons to Hate the Patriots and Top 5 Reasons it’s Hard to be a Philly Fan, he is now a permanent fixture. I hope you enjoy his latest!

The Law Dog’s newest Top 10!

The Law Dogs Top 5 reasons it’s hard to be a Philly sports fan

Last week, the Law Dog made his debut with The Top 10 Reasons You Should Hate the New England Patriots. It went over with such success that I asked him to become our official list guy, kind of a David Letterman meets sports if you would.

What makes Ryan so funny to me is not only his innate ability to make fun of others, but an ability to laugh at himself. Like he does this week in exploring why it has been so hard for him to be a devout fan of Philadelphia sports. So sit back, relax and understand why the last few years of The Law Dog’s life have been borderline torture.


I’ve been a diehard Philly sports fan for 30 years.  A lot of highs: 4th and 26, Hextall scoring goals and attacking people, Iverson stepping over Lou and Halladay’s postseason no-no to name a few.  But the lows far outweigh the highs.  One championship (thank you 2008 Phillies!) in 30 years when you are a top market with franchises in all four major sports is not good.  No matter how low it’s been the last 30 years, nothing compares to what it’s like being a Philly sports fan today.  It’s brutal.  The worst I’ve ever seen it.  Here are 5 reasons why…..

Keep reading for The Law Dog’s latest Top 5 list

Happy Thanksgiving from Wayniac Nation

I know I have a lot to be thankful for this fine morning. While a lot of it surrounds the future of my personal Wayniac Nation, it also has to do with my family traveling from afar and standing in my kitchen preparing our meal with The Wifeyiac. I am also very thankful for you guys, the people who read this blog and have been a part of the greatest experience of my life.

I am definitely thankful for the Wayniac Nation team and contributors, present and past — Varrass, Mary, the Sports Illuminati, Amelia, Saucy T, Nomi the Greek, Sperry Mason, Kid Robot, The Englishman, Nick the Greek, Holloway, Mark.9 the Game, SBJ, Benny Smalls, Dunton, Teddy Ballgame, J.D., Fee the Commish, my brother and of course… The Wifeyiac.

I am also thankful — as are much of you — that we get a full slate of football as the backdrop to our Thanksgiving activities. While the athletes and teams deserve praise, let’s not forget to be thankful for the people behind the scenes. The guys and gals that sit behind the camera, the social media manager who tweets out updates so you can sneak a peek at some scores while your family is driving you bananas, the beat reporters who have the recap ready for you the second the game is over in case you were busy in the kitchen or behind the bar.

I do it. I have to travel to cover events, and being away from my wife and family is the only part of my job that isn’t fun. I can only imagine that it is intensified on a holiday that is all about eating and relaxing… and watching football. So let’s not forget the “little guys”.

Whether you are one of the crazies who think this holiday is about shopping, or one of the people like me who think this is a day for celebrating thanks by eating so much you are unthankful you ever did… enjoy your day and Happy Thanksgiving!!!