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KC Royals AJ Puckett making most of opportunity

A.J. Puckett certainly paved an interesting road to the pros, one that may not have been heading into his junior season in high school. Since the Kansas City Royals drafted Puckett in the second round of the MLB Draft this past June, he is showing that he is well worth the investment, and the Royals were lucky he slipped to them.

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Kansas City Royals prospect Hunter Dozier is on fire!

Remember back in 2013 when the Kansas City Royals surprised a lot of people and selected Hunter Dozier eighth overall in the MLB Draft? While people didn’t question that he had first round talent, they did question if he went a tad bit too early. He definitely didn’t help clarify any questions after two poor seasons in Double-A.

Now, however, he is seemingly rewarding the Royals for staying loyal.

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High hopes for Kansas City Royals Kyle Zimmer in 2016

The Kansas City Royals are the reigning World Series champions. Pretty crazy, huh? They made their second consecutive run to the Fall Classic behind a lot of home grown parts. The scary thing is that they may be waiting on one of their best home grown products of the whole lot.

Is 2016 we are introduced to Kyle Zimmer?

Yankees and Royals prospects highlight the Rule 5 Draft

Most casual baseball fans don’t even know what the Rule 5 Draft is. That’s because over the decades since its inception there hasn’t been many players that have made a huge difference in the annals of baseball history. But that doesn’t make it any less important.

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Kansas City Royals are on top of the World (Series at least)

Simply put, that was a great World Series. The Kansas City Royals trailed in EVERY game of the Fall Classic, yet somehow won this World Series without an inkling of a doubt, four games to one. The past two nights were just about as exciting as October (and November) baseball can get.

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This is going to be a great World Series!

You got to hand it to the Mets, folks. Win or lose, they certainly are involved in some of the more exciting World Series ball games of all time. Last night’s doozie from The K included an inside-the-parker, a network blackout, a Bill Buckner-esque scare on the night of the anniversary of the ’86 Mets win, a game-tying bottom of the ninth-home run and a walk-off sac fly win in the 14th. And there are six games left…

The 2015 World Series in today’s random thoughts.

Miracle Mets or Loyal Royals? The WN World Series Preview

So, after waiting 30 years to get back to a World Series, the Kansas City Royals made sure that kind of gap wouldn’t occur again by making it to back-to-back Fall Classics. For the New York Mets, its the first time this millennium (but not century) that they have been this far into October. It’s the battle of two young teams, and one that should be awesome.

So, how does The Wayniac see it going down?

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World Series Preview: The Yostseason is Here!

At the onset of the 2014 season, I projected that this would be the year the Kansas City Royals returned to relevance (go ahead, search the March archives and check it out if you don’t believe me). I said that the boys in powder blue would go 90-72 (they finished 89-73), finish right behind the Detroit Tigers in the AL Central, and win the AL Wild Card game. Heralded and trusted sites such as Fan Graphs had them finishing 79-83, while Covers.com had their over/under wins at 85.5. So, while the baseball world sits in awe at what the Royals have done, The Wayniac beat the experts on this one. Of course, I also projected the Arizona Diamondbacks would be the surprise team of the NL West and take home the Wild Card. How I bet against the San Francisco Giants in an even year is just plain old ignorant.

So how will this World Series go down? Will it be another walk in the park for Buster Posey and his boys from the Bay or will George Brett take home his second ring. It’s tough to say as both teams have many advantages over the other, which coincidentally leads to several disadvantages.

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The Wacky Week in Sports

It’s hard to believe that we are a third of the way through the NFL season. It’s hard to believe we are halfway through October! It’s even harder to comprehend what’s going on in the ALCS! That being said, we sports fans certainly had another eventful week in sports. College football was a bit tamer, walk-offs, and late inning heroics continue to shine in baseball and Peyton Manning keeps throwing touchdowns. He’s no Joe Flacco, however (Go BLUE HENS!)

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